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5 Reasons to LOVE The Original Cafe Eleven Brunch

Cafe Eleven Weekend Breakfast Brunch Buffet

by Allie O.

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If you’re looking for a weekend brunch, I’ve found where it’s at!! Cafe Eleven stays busy all weekend long with their amazing brunch buffet. It’s a St. Augustine Beach gem! Here are 5 reasons to love The Original Cafe Eleven Brunch.

 1. It’s so chill.

I love dressing up and enjoying fine dining… but Saturday mornings are for relaxing. Cafe Eleven serves a great brunch without the fuss. Go in your beach duds, go in your yoga pants, go in khaki shorts & a golf shirt- it’s the beach! Most anything goes!

Cafe Eleven’s Brunch stays full all weekend long. Grab a mimosa or coffee while you wait and enjoy the laid-back beachy vibe.

2. Brunch Buffet with $2 Mimosas or $2 Sangrias! Yes, $2!!

We usually miss brunches because we’re at church during Sunday brunch. I was so excited to learn that Cafe Eleven hosts their brunch buffet Saturday and Sunday!!! #WeLiveInParadise! Wait, it gets better! Every Saturday morning from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, Cafe 11 serves up $2 Sangrias and $2 Mimosas. I’m already planning my next birthday weekend… we’ll watch the sunrise at the beach then hit Cafe Eleven for an early morning mimosa & brunch!

$2 Mimosas. Nuff said.

3. Gluten Free Options on the Buffet

St. Augustine is a great place for people with restricted diets to dine out. Cafe Eleven goes above and beyond by not just offering GF options from the back but actually stocking a part of their buffet with GF options. Dine without worry, my friends! {If you’re looking for other GF options, check out this list of Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants in St. Augustine}.

If you’re not GF, you have to try their french toast. It’s uh-ma-zing!! Like, crazy good.

The buffet stretches across the stage. Yes, I said stage. Cafe Eleven hosts amazing, national concerts in their intimate setting. You’ve got to hit one! It’s on my new St. Augustine Bucket List.

4. St. Augustine Brunch with an Omelet Station

Dude! They have an omelet station! Imagine being at the beach, in flip flops and a bathing suit cover up and still enjoying an AMAZING breakfast… yep, you’ve just imagined Cafe Eleven. And you don’t have to stand in line- put your order in & drop a thank you tip in the jar and the friendly chef will bring your omelet over when it’s ready!

Locals also rave over their bacon. You know how sometimes bacon on a buffet gets super limp & soggy? Well, somehow Cafe Eleven figured out how to keep it crisp. I personally think it’s because it flies off the buffet so fast that it’s always fresh.

Omelette Station. Here’s the before picture…

…after! And it was so tasty!

5. Cafe Eleven’s Coffee Bar

They brew a few coffees and keep the carafes full. If you want half-caf or to mix some hazelnut in with your regular, now’s your chance. Confession: I typically skip restaurant coffee. I love my lattes like the next gal, but sometimes a solid cup of joe fills the bill and Cafe Eleven’s self-serve brunch coffee bar is a great go-to for that.

Finding a restaurant that offers a solid experience from sunup to sundown is noteworthy. Cafe Eleven is one of the few that can go from breakfast & weekend brunch to lunch & dinner to late-night concerts so masterfully.

It’s always a good time to visit Cafe Eleven!

The Original Cafe Eleven
501 A1A Beach Boulevard
Open 7 am – 9 pm, half-price happy hour 3:00 – 7:00 pm daily.


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