Cap Carter performing at Cafe Eleven.

April 21, 2023

The Original Cafe Eleven
St. Augustine Beach, FL

$20 advance / $25 day of show
General Admission Seated Show



Born in Manila, the Western Sydney raised Cap Carter released his major label debut single, ‘Relapse’, at the start of 2021. Building a global and dedicated fan base with his original music and honest storytelling, Cap stands out for his distinctive and authentic vocals. Writing through his own personal and lived experiences, with an edge and grit that is unique and refreshing.

Not many artists are able to cut through the noise online and let their music shine through on platforms like TikTok. Cap Carter is a rare instance of an artist fully realising the power his music has to connect online. Using the space to tell his story and share his music directly to fans and
newcomers alike, with his TikTok up to 250k followers, his overall social following growing by 150k and his Spotify monthly listeners increasing by over 37k in the past three months alone. His signature brand of genuine emotion and his ability to tell his own true stories of growth and heartbreak through a voice that demands attention has seen him flourish online and galvanise a passionate fan base to seek him out live.

Having amassed over 8 million streams online, Cap sensed it was time to start bringing his music to his ever-growing army of fans in real life. True to his online DIY spirit, he recently organised intimate shows across Sydney, Tasmania and Melbourne. The shows were driven through his mailing list where fans would sign up to learn the gigs’ unique secret locations, which included late night car park hangs, fans’ living rooms and a small theatre in Melbourne. The shows proved so popular that fans in the UK are now building very real hype for their own secret shows in May 2023. He’s also galvanising fans stateside, encouraging purchases of merch and other crowdfunding initiatives to help get Cap to the US for more fan shows next year.




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