Steve Poltz & Grant-Lee Phillips performing at Cafe Eleven 1/20/16

 Jan. 11, 2017


with special guest Donny Brazile

The Original Cafe Eleven

 St. Augustine Beach, FL

$15adv / $20door







Steve Poltz is obsessed with the challenge of knowing and understanding the thoughts of each and every person in his audience. He is a lover of life; fascinated by all things large and small. As a road-tested troubadour armed with whimsy, curiosity and a healthy respect for the absurdities of existence, he is unafraid of saying yes, unafraid of letting his relentless, giddy energy fill a room and he is unafraid of letting his streams-of-consciousness take him where he needs to go.

His songs are guileless snapshots filtered through the windshield of his brain. He opens his mouth and lets it fall out - a SONG - and it's as shameless and intriguing and profound and wondrous as he is. A mix of high octane performance, singular wit and endlessly entertaining storytelling, Steve is legendary for his improvisational songwriting and timeless, original classics. Oh, and he's a pretty good guitarist too.

Donny Brazile


“Brazile’s relaxed air, genuine love of performing, and charming if not necessary monologues completely engaged.” —Sandra Loh, LA Weekly

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